About The Modern Mummy

My name is Merryn and I am a mother of two young boys – Levi and Beckham. I started ‘The Modern Mummy’ blog a number of years back but then life took a very unexpected turn. Over the last few years I have been faced with a large degree of personal adversity.

I have faced a fairly lengthy divorce battle and have way too much personal experience in the Australian Family Court system than one cares to have.

I want to share some of my story, some of the real challenges facing the Australian courts for families and individuals, some of my battles of raising two sons only 19 months apart and some real and raw elements of mental health. I am an anxiety suffer and it’s one thing I manage every day which I hope to make a small impact in reducing the stigma.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, through this process I have ‘found myself’ if I can be cliche enough to use that term – I have found confidence and certainty in who I am as a woman, mother, partner and friend. I have found real passions in cooking, fitness and writing so I hope to combine these things into this blog to share some lighter things such as healthy quick recipes, workouts and the humility in ‘finding myself’.

My very personal passions are raising awareness and reducing stigma in mental health and reducing violence against women.

I hope you enjoy the content.

Much love,

The Modern Mummy 2.0