Marinated pork chops

These ones were super easy and I made the marinate by accident. I grabbed the ginger out thinking it was garlic so it ended up with an Asian sort of flavour. INGREDIENTS: ▪️ Pork chops ▪️ Lemon juice ▪️ Garlic ▪️ Ginger ▪️ Italian herbs ▪️ Olive Oil METHOD: 1. Rub both sides of pork […]

Bali 101

Bali is a place that people say that you either love it or hate it. It’s a funny sort of country where the tourists live like kings yet the country has widespread poverty and many who live beneath the breadline. It’s somewhat dirty and if you aren’t careful – you get ripped off. That said, […]

Perfectly flawed

As we all walk through life we can make a real choice over the depth of connections we make with people and the true impact we leave behind. The depth of connection we make with other human beings can almost solely be linked to how vulnerable we chose to be ourselves. Brene Brown, an American […]