Healthy Chicken Nachos

These chicken nachos are so delicious and easy to make, you really feel as though you are having a special meal. INGREDIENTS ▪️ Chicken breast ▪️ Salsa of your choice ▪️ Mozzarella ▪️ Corn kernels ▪️ Purple Onion ▪️ Cherry tomatoes ▪️ Mountain Bread Wraps ▪️ Topping of your choice – avocado, sour cream, philly […]

Marinated pork chops

These ones were super easy and I made the marinate by accident. I grabbed the ginger out thinking it was garlic so it ended up with an Asian sort of flavour. INGREDIENTS: ▪️ Pork chops ▪️ Lemon juice ▪️ Garlic ▪️ Ginger ▪️ Italian herbs ▪️ Olive Oil METHOD: 1. Rub both sides of pork […]

Satay Turkey

This is super quick, really tasty and healthy. It has a great combination of carbs, fats and protein. INGREDIENTS: 80-100grams of turkey breast (from the deli is fine) 30-40grams of organic peanut butter – I currently love the Mayvers peanut and coconut butter!! Quick brown rice – half a cup or full cup depending on […]

Pork Belly

A winter warmer recipe and gorgeous tasting pork belly I absolutely cannot take credit for this recipe and please don’t think that is categorised as a ‘healthy’ dinner – it definitely isn’t! The pork belly is the credit of Donna Hay – I seriously love her cookbooks and food albeit not always good for my […]